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Gaëtan Essayie

The workers step - Video

The workers step - Video

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This video is the result of the meeting between several artists and their know-how.

The first step in this collaboration was to create a series of silver and brass accessories intended for stage use. From these adornments intended to confront, protect or deform a body appear symbols that the artist appropriates. The object can then constrain the body or interfere with it.

When the performer is in the workshop, facing the masks and metal accessories, the first connection takes place. Against its body the object integrates into the movement and confronts itself
to emotions.

The videographer's eye then captures the image then enriches the object and the body with a changing and fragile light.

The musician introduces sounds from the place where the object was created. Inspired by these images engraved in silence, he takes us on a journey into the “sampled” sounds of the jewelry workshop: anvils that resonate, ageless tools that tell of their primitive friction with matter. These precise and repetitive gestures make the material vibrate and ring.

This completes the collaboration between 4 artists with different techniques.
The intervention of a body, an image then a sound helped to give life to the ornament.

Accessories: Gaëtan Essayie
Dance: Tizo All
Videographer: Keren Chernizon
Music: Lars Krosby

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