Gaëtan Essayie, a silversmith and jewelry designer, practices his art in his workshop located in Biot, a village in the south of France.

His work combines craftsmanship and design, and his unique approach is reflected in his creations.

Gaëtan's story has its roots in his father's workshop. Denis Essayie, trained in the 1960s by the renowned jewelry creator Viviana Torun, passed down his knowledge to Gaëtan.

Staying true to his technical choices, Gaëtan emphasizes the art of curves and connections, which remain the true essence of his aesthetic. For him, functionality takes precedence in jewelry design.

Gaëtan's creations are crafted from a single thread of silver, giving them a clean line and a distinctive architecture. The clasps on his jewelry are a strong and recognizable hallmark. Interestingly, most of his designs do not involve any soldering.

After spending 5 years in the collective workshop Volksluxus in the cosmopolitan district of Kreuzberg in Berlin, Gaëtan now divides his time between Biot and Malmö, Sweden.

Inspired by artistic encounters and the unique energy of these different places, he experiments with collaborations and explores how a piece of jewelry can interact with bodily mechanics, subvert expectations, and impose its own constraints.